Furnished or unfurnished apartments for rent in Brussels
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Prices per month Apartment 1 ** Apartment 2 ***  
1 year rental min. 850 EURO 850 EURO  
4 to 11 months rent 890 EURO 890 EURO  
1 to 3 months rent 930 EURO 930 EURO  

Immediate high speed internet connection (ADSL).

Please add a one-time 45 euro for indept cleaning at the end of the lease.

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**The 1st floor now features a 18m2 terrace with a BBQ
***The 2nd floor now also features a terrace


A deposit of 200 EURO of the 1st months rent is required to secure your booking.
The easiest and fastest way to secure your booking would be by bank transfer (see info below).
There would be no refund in case of cancellation less than 1 month before booked arrival or in case of no-show.
In case of delayed arrival date notified less than 1 month before booked arrival, the rent would however start on the first instance confirmed arrival date.

Remaining balance of the 1st months rent to be made upon arrival.
Every following monthly payment must be made 7 days prior to the beginning of the following month.
By cash or bank transfer to:

DEXIA bank
Brusselse Steenweg, 3
B-3080 Tervuren
To : Edith De Witte
Kapellestraat 79 b
3080 Tervuren
IBAN (International Banc Account Number): BE 53 0632 1387 7153
BIC (Banc Identifier Code):
For international payments within the EU, mention the IBAN and BIC codes, in your interest !

Our prices are adjustable in relation to the total duration.
In case of extension the further months will be rated on the cumulative duration. However if you wait too long to advise us your apartment may be rented to a new tenant.

Rent guarantee
1 month by arrival

Deadline for lease termination
For 1 month rent: In case you want an extension, please advice us as soon as possible. Your apartment may be rented to another tenant.
For a longer rent: please give a 1 month notice before end of contract.
Lease termination goes per complete months.

Some good references could be advised upon request.